Remote Monitoring System for Transformer Substations. (034)

Abstract--This paper presents a new distribution trans- former monitoring system (DTMS), called Wimo, which util- izes the existing communication netw...

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ABSTRACT: This paper proposes a wireless ZigBee technology to monitor the parameters of the transformer. The transformer parameters such as voltage, ...

May 15, 2013 - modernization of mobile communication base station management. In this paper, we implement a .... 464. 3.3. Circuit of GSM Terminal. Sony Ericsson GR47 is selected which belong to a new generation of Sony Ericsson ... Because the GR47

design and development of a remote monitoring system for a bridge. Essentially, the ... Engineering Excellence Program, and it is entirely powered from an ..... Veh1 (x1). 40 grams normal. 2. Veh1 (x3). 120 grams medium loading. 3. Veh2 (x1).

gas insulated substations (GIS) as very fast transient over voltages causes' ... voltages (VFTOs) generated due to circuit breaker (CB) operation has been ...

Index Terms – Power transformer, embedded systems, transformer protection. I. INTRODUCTION. Power transformers are the important part of power system which are used to step up and down the power to make usable for electricity consumers. Transformer

study, employing WeChat social networks, a remote environment monitoring system inside a vehicle has been developed. Experiment results show that .... tor the environment inside a transport vehicle, we use the. Bluetooth-based sensor .... data and po

Feb 2, 2005 - Keywords: Renewable energy sources; Database; Data-acquisition system; SQL server; Sensors. 1. Introduction. Over the last decades, there ...

transformer (FCT) and a Faraday cup were installed at the exit of the .... CA UDP. CA TCP. Task/Ch. Event. CA Client. CA UDP. CA TCP. Sequencer. Scanner.

... access it via Internet. Key Words: Wireless sensors, Cloud computing, Health monitoring, Alert messages ... wide ranging and can vary significantly in application ... The data are published via web servers. .... output is given to logic circuit t

Jan 6, 2014 - Oshawa, ON 2000, Canada; E-Mail: [email protected] 6 Institute of ... Received: 21 October 2013; in revised form: 2 December 2013 / Accepted: 18 December 2013 / ..... In this way, the T2, T3 and T4 instants follow the.

monitor all useful data of distribution transformers to reduce costs. (5) Many monitoring systems .... Nameplate rating of Distribution Transformer: KVA rating: 500.

Keywords: Remote monitoring patients, WAP medical applications, Web .... the data mining procedure were created using the MS SQL. Server 2000 and the MS ...

ing PC over a virtual private network (VPN). A second rel- atively powerful PC ... umn of pixels, arranged as a Y-Time matrix over the. 10 minute time period. 2.

and stores this data into a SQLite database that can be exported for processing by third-party applications or simply for backup. The eKo-View application (Fig. 5) offers a familiar and intuitive web browser based interface for sensor network data vi

Sep 10, 2015 - Hua Li, Huan Wang, Wenqing Yin *, Yongwei Li, Yan Qian and Fei Hu. Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Intelligent Agricultural Equipment, College of ...

Jul 26, 2004 - For this reason, maintenance crews would periodically take transformers and circuit breakers off-line ... diagnostic system that can be used to monitor the health of the transformer and other substation equipment. ...... For protection

able to benchmark the DT measurements to abnormal operation and take action before failure. Keywords- Protection of distribution transformer, differential protection scheme. I. INTRODUCTION. In power system network distribution transformer is electri

Design for Distribution. Substations. Rich Hunt - GE Digital Energy. John Coursey, Stephen Hirsch - Orion New. Zealand Limited. Presented at the Texas A&M 65th ... Process interface unit (PIU). • Sampled values per. 61850. • 8 currents or 4 curre

audio, or another form of user output. IV. EFFECTS OF USING OPTICAL. FIBER TECHNOLGY. One attraction of optical fiber sensors is their intrinsic robustness in hostile and challenging environment [6]. Their ruggedness and flexibility mean that they ca

above all for safety reasons, since, in the event of a fault between the MV ..... meaning of the most common codes and to create a correspondence ... 0 MV/LV transformer substations: theory and examples of short-circuit calculation. Table 1. 1 Genera

this system is also intended to serve as an educational tool especially for the One Laptop per Child target community. ..... spoons were carved with woodworking tools so that sensors and wiring could be placed ..... at

to biosensors (Wearable sensors), we can measure any physiological parameters ... A healthcare monitoring system prototype for remote areas using Pervasive ...

Flash, in this way can save the hardware circuit board wiring space, reduce ... The temperature acquisition: the design selected as temperature sensor DS18B20.

Alessio Botta, Walter de Donato, Valerio Persico and Antonio Pescape, Integration of cloud computing and internet of things: a survey. Elsevier Journal on ...