SCIENTIFIC ARTICLE Oxygen saturation and diffusion hypoxia in

After 2 min, however, the mean SaO. 2 decreased and was statistically indistinguishable from the pretreatment level after 5 min (99.13 + 0.9 SD). Fluc...

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and transcutaneous carbon .... were expressed as a percentage of the reference values. “ Blood was drawn .... Mean values (± SEM) for Sa02, PtCO2, and HR before, .... bilirubin, methemoglobin, or carboxyhemoglobin. 1ev- els. In this study,.

Jan 5, 2013 - Worsening in oxygen saturation and exercise capacity predict adverse outcome in patients with Eisenmenger syndrome. Alexander Van De Bruaene a, Pieter De Meester a, Jens-Uwe Voigt a, Marion Delcroix a, Agnes Pasquet b,. Julie De Backer

oxidized cytochrome, as described elsewhere.5 This tool can quantify microvascular ... monitored (Moniteur Patient Intellivue MP 70; Philips,. Andover, MA). All patients ... V 111, No 2, Aug 2009. 366. Downloaded From: http://anesthesiology.pubs.asah

Feb 21, 2014 - Abstract. Objective: To compare oxygen saturation index (rSO2) obtained simultaneously in two different brachial muscles. Design: Prospective and observational study. Setting: Intensive care unit. Patients: Critically ill patients with

altitude of 2800 meters (9000 feet) to obtain normal values for both well-chlld and illness ... differ &om saturation levels in healthy infants, whlle infants with lower ..... bilirubin does not materially affect the oximeter .... Transcutaneous moni

Abstract. Aim—To construct a reference range of. SpO2 values in healthy preterm infants using a simple data logging device. Methods—Thirty three healthy preterm infants were monitored for a continuous period of 4 hours at rest using an Ohmeda. Bi

Dec 6, 2010 - Elasmobranch Blood Measured with a Commercially Available. Portable Clinical Analyzer and Standard Laboratory Instruments. AUSTIN J. GALLAGHER. 1. Three Seas Program, Marine Science Center, Northeastern University,. 430 Nahant Road, Nah

peak to trough as charted on the nursing flow sheet. .... tetralogy of Fallot repair, n ... Summary of congenital heart disease diagnosis by anatomical group.

It also reviews gas diffusion models, particularly those including the effect of ..... Millington and Quirk, 1960), which was later improved in 1961 (Equation [18], ...

is then inverted and the diagonal elements of that matrix, N[1,1] and. N[2,2], are taken as Ckk (CDD for diffusivity and C c0c0 for solubility). Experimental. The chemical plating ... The electrochemical monitoring technique is used to measure the so

Mar 9, 2010 - 4Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Institut Maurice-Lamontagne, 850 route de la Mer, Mont-Joli, Québec G5H 3Z4, Canada. Received: 31 August 2009 ... production and consumption of oxygen, air-sea fluxes, and its transport by physical ...... pe

unaffected by the carrier gas, with a diffusion coefficient of. 3.0×10. −9 m2 s. −1 (Witty and Minchin, 1994). Therefore, by performing the pseudoflash experiment in different carrier gases of helium and nitrogen, equations 4 and 5 can be solved

just before the transfusion of pre-donated autologous blood, and (v) after 400 ml transfusion. Results. Mean (SD) ... S (55 (8)% vs 71 (10)%, respectively; P

Correspondence: [email protected] State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun .... All subjects answered a standardized questionnaire about their duration of diabetes, history of ..... Written informed consents for p

Sep 16, 2014 - Purpose: To describe the SpO2 in wakefulness, sleep and during the apnea–hypopnea in adults living in Bogotá, located at 2640 m above sea level. Methods: Descriptive observational study in adults referred for polysomnogram (PSG). A

Arterial oxygenation in patients was measured with an ear oximeter to assess factors that were associated with hypoxaemia at the induction of anaesthesia. Twenty patients breathed air during the induction of anaesthesia with thiopentone and following

A number of environmental factors in blood determine the relative affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen. The most significant of these is pO2. Hemoglobin present .... or MetHb). •. Decreased 2,3-DPG. Page 4. Article downloaded from

MERCEDES VILLENA,6 RUDY SORIA,6 ANA MARIA ALARCON,6. AND CRISTINA ...... Mr. Augustin Mamani for assistance in data collection. We are grateful to ...

Jul 25, 2014 - study25 and the AASM manual for scoring sleep for infants aged. 3months and over,26 as recommended by Grigg-Damberger et al.27 This study was approved by the Mater Health Services. Human Research Ethics Committee (Number 952C). Data an

part of the Graduate School of the University of. Minnesota. ..... 2. The rapid decrease in radial artery saturation shortly after the release of increased airway pressure in the patients with atrial septal defects and in the patient with ... artery

diesel exhaust particles differentially affect lung expression of cyclooxygenase-2 related to bacterial endotoxin. J Appl Toxi- col 2004; 24:415–418. 5 Hiyoshi K, Takano H, Inoue K, et al. Effects of a single intratracheal administration of phenant

not applicable in 6 patients (13%), because all adjacent teeth were either crowned or extracted. When the nonapplicable patients were eliminated, 95% of the NuSmile crown facings were lighter than the patient's natural teeth. One hundred ninety-four

lution are provided in the form of a “menu of options.”14 Use of open-ended ... Children had a dental exam, and their mothers completed pretested instruments at baseline and 1 and 2 years postintervention. Other covariates that might .... one of

Board of the University of Maryland. The survey was sent to all. 56 US dental school pediatric dentistry departments and to. ABPD diplomates. A different cover letter was sent to each group explaining the survey's purpose. The predoctoral pro- gram d