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For mobile database systems, security support is even more important to protect the users and devices as well as ... Windows Mobile devices Security m...

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Database, Mobile Agent. 1. INTRODUCTION. Comparing with traditional database management system, embedded mobile real time environment could support more new application digital information service, public information release, the user could understan

Keywords: Database security, privacy, access control, database firewall, data ... trol), RBAC (Role Based Access Control) [3] etc., and data encryption ..... is a commercial DBMS, is used, and we can access the Oracle database [24] by using.

May 27, 2014 - My Structural Query Language (MySQL) is selected as the application for ... Keywords: Breast cancer patients; Computerized database; Hospital management system. Introduction. Computerized database management (CDM) system has .... proje

spoofing, user ID theft, Theft of Service, Denial of Service, and intrusion ... mobile security requirements such as protecting the mobile equipment; integrity of the ...

Meta-data. D t b d fi iti d i ti i f ti. ▫ Database definition or descriptive information. ▫ Stored by the DBMS in the form of a database catalog or dictionary.Missing:

Database Management System (DBMS). ▫ DBMS contains ... Multiple file formats, duplication of information in different files. ▫ Difficulty in .... File organization.

Telemedicine Database Management System Extending. Quality Health Care ... multimedia medical databases in the telemedicine system. In order to be ...

organizing network (SON) that is a characteristic of network management systems and that ... The last part explains the concept of a system to integrate communication management systems ... 2011: 243 214).1). The capital .... By rewriting the configu

13 (3): 323{324, 1997. [4] Wada, Y. and Yasue, H., Visualization of gene mapping information using Java applet, Jpn. J. Comp. Sci., 4 (2): 111{115, 1997. 221.

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Mobile computing and communication is a rapidly developing area. ... tent over the whole network, e.g. there is no central database on a xed ... threats for data and metadata in the data transfer. (communication) ... database-related security issues,

understood and mitigated otherwise WLANs ... application or a fake client or server node. ... Encryption provides security and privacy but ... Therefore situation specific address .... layer to prevent unauthorized eavesdropping .... methods. The mai

Systems. Chapter 5: Multimedia Usage. 4.3: Multimedia Database Systems. • Multimedia Database. Management System. • Data Structure. • Operations on Data.

OTP: one-time programmable. TEE Hardware Realization Alternatives ..... "But it's tortoises all the way down!“ - Stephen Hawking, in A Brief History of Time.

research on security issues in mobile data management, access and transfer. We investigate the ... there is no central database on a xed host which will be accessed from xed ..... of personal data and the free movement of such data, 1995.

In the field of databases and database management systems, security is a well-studied subject. See for example ..... manual backup methods have to be used for safety backup of the database to ensure that the system has been .... every system providin

So in this paper we propose a mobile biometric authentication system (MOBAS) based on Zigbee technology and a multimodal biometric authentication system ...