Sharing and Analysing Presence Experiments Data

[5]. The respiration data for the two experimental conditions appear in appendices 3C and 3F. 3.1.6. Video: The whole experiment session was videotape...

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Aug 19, 2010 - protein engineering techniques such as site-directed muta- genesis (1) .... Binary files (such as images, pdf, zip or other media files) can be ..... having a sequence, structure or other data associated it with it. The screenshot pres

Feb 15, 2012 - Qualitative analysis process. Interpretation, creating explanatory accounts, providing meaning. Connecting and interrelating data.

Dec 6, 2002 - woke, he said to himself, 'Am I Zhuang Zi dreaming I was a butterfly or am I a butterfly dreaming of ...... been returned to the basement and as far as I'm aware, they have not been played since. The new ...... framing of the piece was

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counts may involve ecologists making ten-minute observations at dawn, noon and dusk over a period of five days at a single site. ..... Oscillating single syllables in time domain. Detection of temporal oscillations within a characteristic frequency b

Given the recent growth of BSS across the world, there is substantial ... evidence from the travel behavior data in the United States to support bicycle-sharing ...

established methodologies and practices cannot always be applied successfully in the changing international research .... With respect to the nature of “good” qualitative research many authors argue that it should be easily replicable. ..... data

Feb 4, 2008 - Tutorial on CISBAN Internal wiki, under 'Tools & Resources' page id=resources:resourceshome.

often omit or abbreviate the subscript for the fimction sym bol f, as long as ambiguity cannot occur. Upon varying a single parameter x = p(bi I 1r) in a prob ... algorithm that is closely related to junction-tree propaga tion, is available from [3].

It is an interesting era to be working in the VLSI testing ... Changes in IC products, processing technology and IC market dynamics suggest that conventionally used test methods (e.g., at- speed functional testing) must significantly change in the fu

data. Leading ORB vendors have de ned and imple- mented IDL-Java mapping allowing the invocation of. CORBA objects from Java applications. Examples of these products are Joe ... Users are incremen- tally and dynamically educated about the available .

Feb 17, 2016 - of federally funded research [5], and the subsequent responses from funding ... of scientific misconduct related to falsified/poorly analyzed data [7] and the increasing ... In this study we set a definition of data sharing and create

that protects against all of these attempts to limit the free flow of information. * Portions of this work .... is required, this problem is equivalent to using a search engine to obtain URLs ... In distributed systems, aborted downloads for large fi

This paper presents two experimental comparisons of data ow and mutation testing. These two techniques are widely considered to be e ective for unit-level software testing, but can only be analytically compared to a limited extent. We compare the tec

municipal departments. Property valuation rolls at municipalities. Property description(as per deeds registry) together with a postal address. Property valuation ... such as debt collectors, media companies, banks, insurance companies, ... data colle

tam Altekar, Grant Farmer, and Andrew Ross have helped design and ...... a fair amount of investment, whereas a P2P search system is literally free and can ..... consistency with the example we present the C version of the API. ...... downloaded. ...

Sep 10, 2015 - practice (Glatard et al., 2015; Poline et al., 2012). At the same time, cross-site data sharing .... with LAMP stack, while CBRAIN is a Ruby on Rails application. Installa- tion and customization of either .... growing amounts of resti

Jun 1, 2011 - In 2007, the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) established the Electronic MEdical Records and. GEnomics ... This paper discusses the challenges of sharing genomic data linked to health information in the electronic .... c

of 98 scholarly papers on the topic and b) a survey among 603 secondary data users who are analyzing data from ... Wolf et al., 2006 (also ProQuest); Feldman et al., 2012; Harding et al., 2011; Jiang et al.,. 2013 .... Q1 We are considering giving SO

forced-choice experiments, within-pair order effects. 1 Introduction. Paired comparison studies are utilized in various fields of study, including marketing, trans- portation, environmental and health economics, psychology and sensometrics. This is b

ABSTRACT. Competency based training has become a major thrust in the development of instruction in both civilian and military pilot training. This paper reports on a joint effort by CAE and the. National Research Council to identify data analytics me

Analysing phenomenological data and writing up. Above all else, phenomenologists ... A key process involved in analysis is the act of 'dwelling' with the minutiae of data. “When we stop and linger with ... stage of analysis we empathically join wit

Jan 5, 2010 - Analysing and representing narrative data. At this stage I was dissatisfied with the writing up process and was having difficulty finding one phrase or title that summarised the main theme of the thesis. I experimented with a number of

Jan 15, 2013 - Section 2 describes the main requirements of the intended information system from the point of view of the opinion posts, their integration into the corporate data warehouse, the analysis of the combined data and the quality of the obt