these fluid dynamical shock-wave solutions given in closed form might find application ... Institute of Theoretical Dynamics, University of California...

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differential equations of NTLs are written in three suitable matrix equation forms, first. ... Nonuniform Transmission Lines (NTLs) are widely used in microwave.

We find fundamental solutions in closed form for a family of par- .... Section 3) to interest rate models is discussed in appendix Section 6, see subsection ... partial differential operators of the following form, the so-called projectable vector ..

Molecular Clock Fork Phylogenies: Closed Form Analytic Maximum Likelihood Solutions. BENNY CHOR. 1. AND SAGI ... problem on phylogenetic trees as a constrained optimization problem, and the resulting system of polynomial equations. In full generality

Saiprasad Ravishankar and Yoram Bresler. Department of Electrical and Computer ... analysis model [1], which suggests that given the signal y and anal- ysis dictionary Ω ∈ Rm×n, the representation Ωy ∈ Rm is ... solving the analysis sparse cod

there might nevertheless exist special solutions for the string effective potential such that the ... is thermal duality, which relates string theory at temperature T with string theory ...... [7] For an introduction, see J. Polchinski, String Theory

strain gradient theories, modified coupled stress theories and nonlocal elasticity theories [15]-[23]. Many of the studies on micro- and nanobeams are based on.

The fitting problem has a simple, efficient, closed-form solution. The model's intrinsic complexity can be adjusted to match the number of degrees of freedom in ...... which satisfy the essential boundary conditions imposed on the body, the total vir

We derive closed-form solutions for asset prices in an RBC economy. The equations are based on a log-linear solution ... Examples are Rouwenhorst (1995), Jermann (1998) and Boldrin et al. (1995).1 From a .... the shock leads also to the accumulation

Closed form solutions for interest rate derivatives, in particular caps, floors, and bond options, have ..... payoff of a European put option or a European call option, respectively, with exercise date ti, exercise price K = 1. 1+αiL ..... That is,

has also been cast in the framework of bidifferential calculus in [16, 18], leading ... in Section 4 by substitution of the putative solution into the nonlinear evolution ... [2, 22, 19, 3] and obtain closed form solutions of the inverse scattering p

May 3, 2017 - solution compares favorably to previously studied, more complex robust solutions. ... tory problems. For example, during December 2006,. Nintendo faced widespread shortages of its Wii video game system in Europe, as reported by BBC News

Closed Form Solutions to Water Pollution Problems Using Auto- ... Keywords-Dispersion of pollutants, Exact solutions, Mathematical modeling, Project to ..... (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, ... physics (New Delhi: Arnold Publishers,.

Closed-form solutions for continuous time random walks on finite chains ... Using the derived formulae, an escape problem from a biased chain is considered. ... processes from Markovian ones by considering branched Markovian processes, ...

Feb 15, 2010 - Subject: Closed form solutions. Dear Dr. Math, What is the exact mathematical definition of a closed form solution? Is a solution in “closed form” simply if an .... the underlying functions satisfying natural differential equations

Because of the advancement in material technologies for producing steel wires of reliable quality and high strength, cable supported structures are widely used ...

Giovanni Mingari Scarpello, Arsen Palestini and Daniele Ritelli. Abstract. This paper provides a two-fold ...... 5, 40126 Bologna Italy. E-mail: [email protected]

The closed-form solution to the position analysis of the catalogued Baranov ...... multi-circuit planar linkages, Journal of Southeast University (English edition) .... in: Proceedings of the 10th World Congress on the Theory of Machine and ... on hy

Dec 3, 2017 - Institute of Solid Mechanics, Beihang University, Beijing 100191, China; ... Keywords: functionally graded materials; thermal buckling; ...

Abstract. In this paper we provide new simple closed-form solutions to two minimal absolute pose problems for the case of known vertical direc- tion. In the first ...

time direct and closed solutions of the DCME for .... As explained in the previous section, non-delayed and delayed non-consuming reactions have only one ...

Nonmetric Lens Distortion Calibration: Closed-form Solutions, Robust. Estimation and Model Selection. ∗. Moumen T. .... It was observed in our experiments as well as in [11, 4] that including both the distortion center and ... tation and applicatio

Apr 16, 2009 - on thin plate theory, in which no account is taken for the effect of transverse shear deformation on the mechanical behav- ior of thick plates [13 ...

(6). In order to get rid of the scale factor one may normalize H12 by dividing each ... A key issue with our approach is the distinction between the algebraic mul- ..... pMp = ? u1 + u2 u2 ? u1 u3 + u4 !u3 + u4 and we obtain for the dual of the ...

Feb 14, 2014 - reported into the problem of free convection heat transfer along a ... grade fluid with exact solutions for the free convection flow of second grade.