Spice-compatible modeling of high injection and

Jul 19, 2014 - spatially modulated and this effect is particularly important in high injection regime. In this work a description of the coupling betw...

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This information can be both obtained using classical continuum mechanics tools and validated directly by conceiving of suitable but standard exper- iments, e.g., steady compression tests, ...... [12] J.D. Nam, J.C. Seferis, S.W. Kim, and K.J. Lee, G

This paper summarizes the results of systematic research programs at both the DLR and the. AFRL which began nearly ten years ago. The research is aimed at improving the understanding of atomization, mixing, and combustion processes associated with co

Simulation experiments show that the fuzzy logic controller can cope with system nonlinearities, guaranteeing better performances than classical PI controllers. Key-Words: - Internal combustion engines, CNG, Injection systems, Fuzzy control. 1 Introd

J. DRUG EDUCATION, Vol. 41(2) 119-134, 2011. MODELING INITIATION ... This study aimed at examining the predictors of initiation into drug injection among street youth using social cognitive theory ... enhance youth's control beliefs and actual contro

modulation authority was dissipated and on methods through which successful amplitude scaling would be ... building and testing the valve, Ernie for his work with characterizing the piston, Jonathan for his work with ...... Hermann, and Heising, used

[18] M. A. Richards, Fundamentals of Radar Signal Processing. New York,. NY, USA: McGraw-Hill, 2005. [19] H. Spieler, Semiconductor Detector Systems. London, U.K.: Oxford Univ. Press, 2005. [20] I. Vurgaftmana and J. R. Meyer, “Band parameters for

Apr 23, 2007 - Detection of high impedance faults with high reliability is a challenge for protection engineers. .... differential relay setting is adjusted considering the relation between average and difference currents of .... down-sampling proces

transistor level design of the high speed chip or circuit with all accompanied parasitics. While behavioral deal ... than transistor level modeling, but more accurate results are obtained from physical modeling. A. Transistor ... IBIS is to catalog t

It has been widely used for building and maintaining a Beowulf cluster, which has become the fastest growing choice for building high-performance parallel computing systems [2]. In many cases, high availability (HA) requirement becomes as critical as

instrument for measuring the adoption of mobile services was developed using the following steps: (1). Item Creation, (2). Item Refinement, (3). Item Testing. Based on ..... 4.4 An Empirical Test of Mobile Services Acceptance Model . ...... scale ser

Aug 13, 2007 - How does a predecessor theory relate to its successor? According to Heinz Post's. General Correspondence Principle, the successor theory has to account for the em- pirical success of its predecessor. After a critical discussion of this

Sep 22, 2017 - David K.Y. Yau, Singapore University of Technology and Design. Modern urban railways extensively use computerized sensing and control technologies to achieve safe, reli- able, and well-timed operations. However, the use of these techno

fuel with CR systems: control using nozzle needle seat throttling and control using pressure-modulation. In the first method, the injection system directly controls the nozzle needle. This concept allows realizing any partial needle lift between zero

accomplish this, numerical simulations of CO, injection and enhanced gas recovery were carried out on a model system ... law. Molecular diffusion in the gas and liquid phases is currently modeled using a Fickian approach. The main gas species partiti

Abstract — The Bulk Current Injection (BCI) method is widely used for RF immunity testing ... the test specification. A model of this setup configuration is developed and verified by measurements. II. INJECTION CLAMP MODELING. A. Injection clamp mo

Mar 4, 2008 - proached as a whole, in a genuine and modern co- design approach. Keywords: automotive; fluid dynamics; common rail injection system simulation. .... DIAPHRAGM. The common rail and the mani- fold are connected through a diaphragm that r

Jun 11, 2013 - A growing list of pathogenic bacteria, filamentous fungi, yeasts, microsporidia, helminths, trypanosomes and .... analysis of the data we have developed a new script, written in the software package Perl, which can show the ..... Schin

Feb 7, 2011 - ida). The expense of providing each patient with exten- sion tubing renders the precaution potentially more expensive than using a new needle and syringe for every injection. All forms of ... illegal practices had no impact on the patie

Robustness and simplicity are the characteristic features of these solutions. .... rs fro m a cce ss ib le d a ta. • ac c e s s an. d e v alua te da ta qu a lity. • ac c e s s ge o-da tab a s e s an d e v alua te da ta q u a lity. • c o m b in.

i-Butane. 0.0084 n-Butane. 0.0311 i-Pentane. 0.0103 n-Pentane. 0.0165. Hexane. 0.0252. Table 2: Compositional description used for reservoir fluid characterization. Displacement. Ngridblock. E300 - AIM. E300 - IMPES. CSLS. 2D – homogeneous. 1000. N

Jun 7, 2014 - This paper reports our most recent effort in developing a ... Injection experiments on human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) (ranged about 17 − 25μm) are performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed microinjection system.

We present in this work the use of the Group Contribution Equation of State to model experimental phase behavior data of ternary mixtures based on an ionic liquid (1-butyl-3- methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate, bmim[BF4]), carbon dioxide and four di

Modeling the business events a system must respond to, and the types of objects ... For example, we don't address support for project-management through time-boxing of development activities, or ...... unit of behavior (event or essential use case),

175 mM CaCl2 or water at 10% (wt/wt) to controls on various measures ..... injection reduced ( P < .05) shear force of the LM when injected at 24 h ..... Least squares means for drip loss, cooking loss, and calcium concentration (Exp. 2). Longissimus