Strategic Sourcing and Supply Chain Design


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Jun 1, 2004 - and monitoring at the operational level. Strategic planning is long-term ... ming, are widely used for solving integer linear programming problems (Winston. 1993). Sometimes these methods are ..... WINSTON, W. L., 1993, Operations Resea

Prepared notes may not be included as part of the answer. ... In spite of high raw material prices, expensive transport and inflation, the group reduced its average ...

*David Levy (D.B.A., Harvard Business School) is Assistant Professor in the Department of Management ... management of international supply chains and the environmental performance of multi- national corporations. ... It has been widely recognized th

5–2 Impact of Minimum Order Quantity on the Sourcing Strategy . . . . . 89 .... Information technologies are a key driver of modern operational efficiency, and efficient operational execution is a driver of effective SCM. Selection of trading ....

important for organisations substantially to improve leadership acumen if they wish to achieve sustainable .... He asserts that to stay competitive in the new economy, organisations must strive to move ..... Page 10 of 18 ..... Garvin D A, 1993, “B

strategy options. Implement preferred procurement strategy. Category plan ... define the procurement strategy. Low value simple procurement may simply ...

... value of outsourcingto ail companies. 132. HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW ... lay out a practical strategic framework to guide companiesthrough the transition.

Before an effective supply chain mapping process can be developed, it is important to understand the nature of maps, the ... maintaining component inventories at the assembly locations. The Cisco and Dell ..... Geometry embodies aspects of generaliza

Jul 21, 2008 - This paper studies the impact of strategic customer behavior on supply chain performance. We start with a newsvendor ... above contracts cannot allocate profits arbitrarily between supply chain members because of strategic customer beh

prevalent and effective prescriptive models are those based on linear and ... Planning,. Applying Stochastic Programming and. Modeling Risk. • Expanding Business Processes to. Exploit Fact-based Analysis of. Strategic Plans. Because each of these .

strategic role in textile and apparel supply chain management. ... strategic sourcing plays a vital role in a firm's business operations and puts .... results in the fifth section. .... Sourcing is involved in the firm's strategic planning process an

review of literature in the area of multi-stage supply chain design and analysis, and (2) develop a research agenda ... management of the storage policies and procedures for raw materials, work-in-process inventories, and usually ..... More specifica

Sep 11, 2001 - [email protected]; [email protected] The Logistics Institute – Asia Pacific. National University of Singapore. 10 Kent Ridge Crescents, ...

School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University, ... a win–win situation that leads to increased retail prices and expected profits for both firms.

Nov 4, 2011 - Construction Strategic Sourcing, Risk Management, Construction ... Business process redesign to allow contractors to use KU contracts.

Siew-Phaik Loke. Faculty of Business and Finance, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar, Malaysia ... Keywords: Strategic Alliances, Supply Chain, Malaysia, Case Studies, Interfirm Linkages. 1. .... related idiosyncratic investments are likely to los

MIT (O. de Weck, D. Simchi-Levi). JPL (R. Shishko), PSI (J. Parrish). COTR (M. Steele, NASA KSC). October, 2006. Interplanetary Supply Chain Management ...

Jul 22, 2008 - to complex data mining and analysis. • Standard Reports. • Custom Reports. • Ad-hoc Queries. • Data Summarization. • Vendor Utilization.

"This research was supported by the United States Department of Homeland Security through the Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of. Terrorism Events ... Supply Chain Management of the Strategic National Stockpiles .... inventory cycle length enfo

Dec 31, 2004 - few empirically derived models suitable for analyzing the range of SCM IS alternatives. As a result, firms face complex and risky decisions analyzing and selecting an appropriate SCM IS solution or ensuring that their implemented syste

It is argued that a strategic view of supply chain management in which procurement makes a greater contribution in the tendering and early product ... Keywords: Supply chain management; Engineer to order; Business processes; Strategy. 1. Introduction

Apr 14, 2000 - supply chain. SCC supply chain council. SCE supply chain execution. SCEM supply chain event management. SCM supply chain management. SCP ... business operations will be presented, followed by a detailed description of how ...... In con

agreement to design, manage and operate all of Whirlpool Co.'s inbound logistics. .... Power and responsibility within an organization might change. (for example .... Buyers also resist paying a fee in addition to the purchase price. Finally low ...