supply chain coordination using revenue- sharing

Key Words: Supply Chain Coordination, Revenue-Sharing Contract, Effort, ... whereas φ determines the distribution of total profits between the suppli...

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Under a revenue-sharing contract, a retailer pays a supplier a wholesale price for ..... out negative wholesale price, then a positive retailer ...... is close to one, the.

supply chain toward the consensual goal. The transfer prices between different echelons in the supply chain influence the total supply chain profits. The study ...

¤To appear in the Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science: Supply Chain Man- ..... by looking at whether or not there are economies of scale in transferring inventory from one location to another. .... called \peaked," in which all r

We consider a supply chain involving one supplier and one retailer in which a revenue- sharing contract is ... with a new product with a short life cycle, such as a new film, a new video, or a new style clothing. Normally ... Wang, Li, and Shen [16])

March 2005. Abstract. This paper is concerned with confidentiality of vertical information sharing in a supply chain con- ... One frequently mentioned benefit for supply chain information sharing is that it reduces inventory ... in which the manufact

Apr 11, 2012 - Cooperative advertising, which usually occurs in a vertical supply chain, is typically a cost sharing and promotion mechanism for the manufacturer to affect retail performance. Research in the literature, however, rarely considers the

Apr 26, 2011 - the Beer Game are nowadays available, ranging from manual to computerized and even web-based versions (Jacobs, 2000). We can measure the Bullwhip Effect in ... Dout(t,t+T) and Din(t,t+T) are the demands during time interval (t,t+T). Fo

May 25, 2013 - The CPFR is the solution of the retail supply chain coordination that can collaboratively plan, forecast and replenish among partners throughout ...

+ Administrative cost +. + Inventory carrying cost. Constraints. Demand satisfaction (no stock-outs allowed). Flow conservation at the nodes (Supply-Chain members). Storage capacity (at hospital Distribution Center (DC) and point of care units) aggre

I'm requesting a total of $7.1 billion in emergency funding from the United ...... Further, the shapes of the reward functions show that there is some insensitivity to manufacturer and .... appreciate the support of the Booz Allen fund to INSEAD.

mining investments in pivotal resources and infrastructure and assessing alternative ...... Kuwornu JKM, Kuiper WE, Pennings JME (2009) Agency problem and ...

We show that production risks, taken currently by the vaccine manufacturer, lead to an ... that purchase vaccination programs, and therefore modify infectious disease flows. .... Due to special features of the influenza value chain, ..... b. Average

Jun 19, 2013 - Lt Col Rogers Ascef -ID number :093 has been PhD Student at Navy PostGraduate ... Report Documentation Page ... response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching existing data sources, gathering and ... Supply Chain Co

supply chains. 1 INTRODUCTION. The Supply Chain is the series of activities that an organization uses to deliver value, either in the form of a product, service, or a combination of both, to its customers. Recent trends in the economy have de-emphasi

Apr 30, 2014 - charges incurred for using the motorway A2, section (Konin - Emilia node) ... a modern tool that sets the standard in the forefront of software for ...

empirical study. However, Lee (2000) considered only the coordination mode due to process realignment and said nothing about combining different modes of .... Benetton, Nike and Dell are examples from the real world that show how ..... the case study

intermediary in a complex value chain that fed by an upstream supplier. To avoid any fur- ther complexity ... This further upstream supply tier is assumed to have ample supply. Within this multi-supplier ..... Since the purchasing price C0 is the sam

Aug 28, 2006 - separate and independent economic entities, a key issue in SCM is to develop mechanisms that can align their objectives and coordinate ... Keywords: Review; Coordination mechanisms; Supply chain management; Inventory management. 1. ...

have impacts on consumers, retailers, wholesalers, ... wholesale prices when the market demand falls ...... retailer bearing deviation cost is that the order quantity ...

supply chain cost. This paper reviews literature dealing with buyer vendor coordination models that have used quantity discount as coordination mechanism under deterministic ... Keywords: Supply chain; Coordination; Inventory; Deterministic; Quantity

the important objectives in a supply chain is coordinating all of its parties, so such coordination mechanisms that provide ... chain. Key words:Supply chain % Coordination mechanisms % Information technology % E-commerce % Electronic supply chain ..

The purpose of this paper is to identify how the Internet can be used to improve business practices in the supply chain. From literature in marketing, logistics, SCM, eco- nomics and management information systems, we develop a framework with six dim

Logística administración de la cadena de suministro. México: Pearson Educación de México, S.A.. [10] Malone, T., Crowston, K., “The interdisciplinary study of.

(CPFR) committee to identify best practices and design guidelines for collaborative planning and forecasting. The use of IT systems helps facilitate collaborative ...