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Tanger, 122-140, 3rd Floor. 08018 Barcelona, SPAIN. Master's thesis. Abstract. Flamenco singing is a highly expressive improvisational artform charact...

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is built using Pure Data, an open-source graphical computing environment. Using the. Emotiv EPOC Brain-computer interface headset and a complex chain of signal acquisition and processing software, we tested our sonification system in an experiment fe

[7] T. M. Krishna, “Bhairavam, Sahana, Kannada, Gauriv- ...... ton esit tamperamana göre tanımlanması yönünde bir adım,” Online: http://www.musiki.org/53tetle makam dizileri.pdf. Proc. of the 2nd CompMusic Workshop (Istanbul, Turkey, July 1

architecture present in every modern processor. ..... physics, as transverse laser modes (Milonni and Eberly, 1988), and in fi- nance, for ...... Optics. New York: Wiley-Interscience, 1988. 22. E. H. Moore. On the reciprocal of the general algebraic

Sep 15, 2011 - Despite all the advances, neuroscience is not yet able to answer these questions. Due to the enormous ... the relations between brain and music (Section 2.1), general concepts of sonification. (Section 2.2) ... extreme case of skills a

Physics models, synthesis techniques and DSP algorithms [16] bring out new possibilities to solve the aforementioned problems, but also lead to take a step back and learn how to integrate these new paradigms in .... audio by describing physical pheno

Table of Contents. Chapter 1: Introduction. 1. 1. Background and motivation. 1. 2. Elections and tactical politics. 2. 3. Spanish institutional background: from a ..... revenue side. Nowadays regional governments are in charge of providing key servic

automatize the spatialization process, allowing the users to focus on the data analysis itself. • Virtual Reality Within virtual and augmented reality, ..... as in the case of spatial renders or visualizations. • Favors adoption of standard forma

tion [14, 23, 24]; as a purely musical phenomenon, and then questions such as melody, rhythm, and harmony organization ... more, other fundamental problems in flamenco music are still open, such as melodic and rhythmic similarity, ... from academia r

or 'happy'), correspond to particular settings of these pa- rameters. This correspondence is nicely present in the .... eral performances of the same piece (let alone differ- ent pieces), will not result in a 'typical' performance, ... ysis of the mu

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Jun 22, 2011 - ... eye-taps per second. 6.4 Oculog. Kim et al. [20] present a low cost eye-tracking system with innovative characteristics, called. Oculog. For selecting objects, blink detection is implemented. The data from the eye tracking device a

As music instruments need to be interactive in order to allow for expression, it is difficult to expand the usability of these powerful tools in new directions. ...... introduction to this type of programming environment and list some approaches to .

experienced more similar emotions from the same musical excerpts than did other ... can be understood as “emotion in music”, which is the emotion the ...... The chill parameter: Goose bumps and shivers as promising measures in emotion research. M

answers to our problem by focusing on the building up of the mechanisms that underlie this process? If we study ..... cialized brain networks for musical functions, with no overlap with language or environmental sound perception ...... consequently,

Jul 7, 2015 - For example, existing datasets for genre classification are of insufficient size with respect to both the number of in- stances per class and the ability of these instances to ac- curately represent the entire musical genre space [4]. A

Luego de este cambio temporal en su configuración, el sistema regresa a su estado de equilibrio original. ... importantes empleados durante los capıtulos siguientes, ya que se pretende que esta tesis sea tan más ... asimismo, en el capıtulo 6, do

Exploramos los principios de la transdisciplinaridad, a la luz de nuestras experiencias como investigadores de la ... encontramos que la planificación de la conservación ha tenido éxito en la integración de muchas disciplinas empıricas a un proc

Christine Jacquet (Université de la Réunion) fût une personne précieuse pour articuler l'ensemble des éléments du ...... urbain sur les marges, 3) implantation de nouveaux noyaux urbains, 4) conversion de la végétation mixte en culture de canne à ...

-Indice Médico Español. -IBECS. Rioboo-Crespo MR, Planells-del Pozo P, ... nivel de la mucosa oral sobre todo a edades tempranas. Por ello, hemos tratado de aunar en nuestro estudio tanto la .... la prevalencia varía en función del medio en el que se

The aim of this study is to analyze differences according to sex in physical performance in children before puberty, as well as other health-related variables. Study population was 137 boys and 156 girls (9.99±0.79 years). We measured weight and hei

Material and Methods: An open clinical trial was performed in 15 patients aged between 35 and 56 years. During .... Materiales y Métodos. Se trató de un ensayo clínico, cuasiexperimen- tal, con intervención ... VLDL-C se calculó como la concentr

Rev Med Chile 2014; 142: 630-635. El sistema GRADE: un cambio en la forma de evaluar la calidad de la evidencia y la fuerza de recomendaciones. IGNACIO NEUMANN1,2,5,6,7, TOMÁS PANTOJA1,3,. BLANCA PEÑALOZA1,3, LORENA CIFUENTES1,4, GABRIEL RADA1,2,6,

A partir de varias aproximaciones previas, se propone una definición pragmática de Movilización del Conocimiento, es- tableciendo que esta disciplina investiga los Sistemas de Movilización del. Conocimiento, que son sistemas ubicuos, proactivos,

regiones de América Latina. El control de Triatoma infestans mediante la implementación del Programa. “Iniciativa de los Países del Cono Sur”14 ... fitogeográfica Chaqueña, distrito oriental húmedo.6. El paisaje se caracteriza por la presen