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Tanger, 122-140, 3rd Floor. 08018 Barcelona, SPAIN. Master's thesis. Abstract. Flamenco singing is a highly expressive improvisational artform charact...

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is built using Pure Data, an open-source graphical computing environment. Using the. Emotiv EPOC Brain-computer interface headset and a complex chain of signal acquisition and processing software, we tested our sonification system in an experiment fe

fMRI data obtained from 17 individuals during a music listening session of 24 tracks ..... hormonal systems, which give rise to subjective experiences (described by ..... Physiological responses refer to bodily changes, such as the heart rate, .....

oraciones escogidas para caracterizar los sonidos de la naturaleza y la voz con el ..... Since music wasn't going to be present, the sound designer Randy.

On the other hand, the use of tangible tabletops, as well as the research activity .... and size that had to be carried around inside a car. ... brands/cooperations: Google, Nokia, Apple, Blackberry plus a cross-platform corporation .... easy -but al

[7] T. M. Krishna, “Bhairavam, Sahana, Kannada, Gauriv- ...... ton esit tamperamana göre tanımlanması yönünde bir adım,” Online: http://www.musiki.org/53tetle makam dizileri.pdf. Proc. of the 2nd CompMusic Workshop (Istanbul, Turkey, July 1

Jun 22, 2017 - implemented in Essentia, 3 a C++ library for audio in- formation retrieval [22]. Our initial goal was to reduce the clear bias toward the minor ...

a region in southern Spain. Over the centuries, the area and, of course, its music have been influenced by the an- cient Tartessian culture as well as Phoenician ...

semantic relationship with the current happy, sad, aggressive and relaxed mood tags. 3 www.wordreference.com. 4 http://www.last.fm/charts/toptags ...

I wish to thank my supervisors Sergi and Aleksander for make this project ... helping me with the BCI equipment, and to Sytse Wierenga for shooting the videos ... and Electrocardiogram (ECG), and the reactable, a music instrument based on a ...... el

architecture present in every modern processor. ..... physics, as transverse laser modes (Milonni and Eberly, 1988), and in fi- nance, for ...... Optics. New York: Wiley-Interscience, 1988. 22. E. H. Moore. On the reciprocal of the general algebraic

scribed guitar sections represent a major limitation for the obtained overall ... eration to generation and only rare manual annotations exist. With flamenco ... learning models have previously shown to give convinc- ing results with ... a comparison

Physics models, synthesis techniques and DSP algorithms [16] bring out new possibilities to solve the aforementioned problems, but also lead to take a step back and learn how to integrate these new paradigms in .... audio by describing physical pheno

Sep 15, 2011 - Despite all the advances, neuroscience is not yet able to answer these questions. Due to the enormous ... the relations between brain and music (Section 2.1), general concepts of sonification. (Section 2.2) ... extreme case of skills a

Due to the increasing amount of digital music available, there is a clear need of a proper ...... Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a very popular dimensionality ...... instrument of the audio is a {cello, clarinet, flute, acoustic guitar, electr

tion [14, 23, 24]; as a purely musical phenomenon, and then questions such as melody, rhythm, and harmony organization ... more, other fundamental problems in flamenco music are still open, such as melodic and rhythmic similarity, ... from academia r

reality tourism platforms, 2D and 3D virtual cartography .... on the scene the user is interested to describe. ... each concept, he provides the annotation of its instances: ... can create a whole zone for all the streets of a city, in this case the

... the extensively used Harte's chord labeling for Beatles' songs, but the very idea ...... accounting with the respective prominence of the bass line in the audio.

the palette of sound timbres available for music creation ... tors through video analysis of an interactive exercise con- ..... total there were 280 assignments.

cific vocabulary or classification system, thus there is no ... For building the folk- sonomy we use ... of the total number of distinct tags (or vocabulary) that are .... jazz, zoom-h2n, saxophone, 120bpm, divine, non-vibrato, vst, chordophone, ppg,

scale, chords, etc. • Semantic (“high-level”) ... genre models do not generalize well when applied on large music collections. ... Name. Accuracy. Genre Dortmund. 59% → 28%. Genre Tzanetakis 76% → 8% ... tion retrieval system is a horse.

1 Essentia & Gaia: audio analysis and music matching C++ libraries developed by the. MTG. (Resp.: N. Wack), http://mtg.upf.edu/technologies/essentia ...

Mar 26, 2012 - La comparaison est basée sur l'utilisation d‟un même module IGBT. (3,3kV/1,5kA). ..... Capitolo V: Analisi della qualità dell'energia elettrica in una sottostazione ...... have a negligible influence at the network frequency fn. T

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or 'happy'), correspond to particular settings of these pa- rameters. This correspondence is nicely present in the .... eral performances of the same piece (let alone differ- ent pieces), will not result in a 'typical' performance, ... ysis of the mu