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Key Words: inventory, supply chain, bullwhip effect, EOQ, cost factor, customer service, procurement. ... Demand variability increases as one move up ...

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The Effect of Coercive Power on Supply Chain Inventory. Replenishment Decisions. Ramesh Roshan Das Guru, Amin Kaboli, and Rémy Glardon. Laboratory for ...

Paper II. Chibba, A. and Hörte, S.Å. (2003), “Supply chain performance – A meta analysis”, presented at the EUROMA ... supply chain – two case studies from Swedish heavy vehicles manufacturers”, presented at ...... that it is possible to

... been referred to as supply chains, business ecosystems, business networks, or in the case of the Japanese market .... “Supply chain strategies focus on improvement and innovation of end-to-end processes between firms and their .... Eleven inter

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This dissertation aims to analyse how supply chain risks could be effectively managed. This is done firstly by ... adoption of tools from the established field of reliability engineering provides a systematic yet robust .... The Division of Productio

Proceedings of the 4th Railway Logistics Seminar: Co-operation among Transportation Modes in Northern. Europe (Kouvola ... Key words: Supply chain management, strategy, differentiation, postponement. Introduction ... could, for instance, involve coor

Department of Supply Chain Management, University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton College of. Business, 475 ... As Zipkin (2000) points out, sound and careful inventory ..... Zipkin, P. H. (2000). Foundations of inventory management. Boston, MA: McGraw-Hi

Selection of service providers in supply chain is a critical decision that affects future performance of the chain. In practice, there are several factors to be ...

Sep 1, 2011 - global environment. Comparing to that, supply chain risk management is a relatively new concept which addresses more attention of researchers and industries in recent ... provided the perspective of both proactive supply chain risk mana

Table of contents I. 1. Introduction. 2. Inventory Management. 3. Inventory models. 4. Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). EOQ model. When-to-order? 5. Economic Production ... Continuous review and periodic review systems. Service level. 2 ... inventory m

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In Paper I, a problem concerning the supply chain of forest fuel for Sydved. Energileveranser AB is ..... inventory management, and decisions on supply and demand distribution. There exist several integrated ..... the methods can probably be improved

Title: Value Stream in the Reverse Supply Chain: Case Study of the Second-Hand Concept of a Swedish Multi-Brand Fashion ..... Another example is the British retailer Marks & Spencer, who collaborated with Oxfam to offer ... following research questio

Over the last decade or so, the design and management of the supply chain to achieve high levels of responsiveness has emerged as one of the most critical issues in the strategic positioning of a company through use of its supply chain. It is increas

Jun 3, 2009 - Table 2.1: Advantages and disadvantages of the SCOR-model and modified balanced scorecard. 12. Table 3.1: Flexibility dimensions and elements. 22. Table 3.2: Theoretical problems and the arising challenges for supply chain performance m

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Abstract: The aim of this research is the impact of Non-Stationary Demand on Supply Chain Inventory. In this research, the impact of Non- Stationery Demand ...

Nov 2, 2014 - ISBN: 978-91-7519-173-7 ..... Japan. USA. World (avg.) GDP per capita. (1990 Int. GK$). Data Source: Bolt and van Zanden (2013) respect for each other's, you should simply take “not too little, not too much, but ...... when energy is

The major components of the empirical data are interviews with ... of the inherent conflicts between environmental, economic and social goals will also have ..... received more detailed questions on challenges and conflicts in sustainable supply chai

May 24, 2007 - (2007): Electronic supply chain management applications by Swedish SMEs, Enterprise Information. Systems, 1:2, 255- ... The study establishes some differences between smaller and larger organizations as ... activities in each process a

Nov 2, 2009 - Integrated supply chain design problems make facility location and demand assignment decisions based on the locations ... We explore answers to these questions, borrowing ideas from inventory management problems ... economies of scale d

Mar 14, 2008 - chain disruptions are possible at any stage of a supply chain .... determine the impact of supply disruptions on the retailer's optimal inventory ...

Several numerical examples are solved at the end to demonstrate the applicability of the proposed methodology and to compare the performance of the solution approaches. Keywords: Supply chain management, Vendor managed inventory, Probabilistic demand