The Influence of Capital Market Integration on Production and Market

process, three stages of capital market integration are defined. First ... trade theory as well as aspects of the theory of multinational enterprises...

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Jun 22, 2014 - ment programmes were targeted to modernise SSA's financial markets, they were also ... journal homepage: ...

Assume that a country produces output using capital, labor, and a constant-returns-to- scale production .... misconception views FDI solely as green field investment, where a foreign company builds from scratch a new .... stocks with the perpetual in

The connection between corporate diversification and firm value continues to generate substantial interest among financial theorists and practitioners. Some evidence suggests that for U.S. firms, diversification reduces value [e.g., Lang and Stulz (1

example, Deutsch (1953)), arbitration is the expression of peaceful forces towards ..... The 1989 Columbia University Guide (Columbia University School of Law, ...... Paul Milgrom and Barry Weingast, 1991, The merchant guild as a nexus of ...

the intellectual capital positive and significant impact on market orientation, intellectual ... knowledge sharing in the field of organizational and individual learning. (Alavi ..... added to the synergy of knowledge and company performance. Also ..

Mar 5, 2010 - India, C-8, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra(E), Mumbai – 400051. email: [email protected] The views ..... Unit root test (ADF,PP test) suggest that.

Jul 12, 2014 - We investigate cost of capital, information asymmetry, and market liquidity of listed family firms vs. non- family firms in ... In the past, family business research focused on ownership structure and productive efficiency of founding

Web-based B2B markets such as e-Steel (, Ariba ...... adopt the supplier perspective, metamediation aggregates bundles in the view of.

market correlations, addressing the question of whether correlations between country returns and the world or regional market have in- creased over time. Finally, we measure the proportions of variance driven by global, regional, and local factors an

Introduction. The connection between corporate diversification and firm value continues to generate substantial interest among financial theorists and practitioners .... Lins and Servaes, however, do not directly examine the link between corporate di

be proxied for by the value of the firm relative to its capital stock, a value called “average Q”. The power of ... assumptions of homogeneity in the profit function and thus allow for a gap between average and marginal Q. 4We use the .... vary a

By eliminating exchange rate risks, the euro enhances the incen- tives of banks to .... Exceptions are countries that host financial centers such as the United Kingdom where .... capital flows have become fully liberalized with the successive aboliti

that published in journals and mostly from personal communications by researches from the .... In Israel the loquat is collected straight into small plastic containers, which ... Italy is the number one importer and its market demands high quality. .

a new vantage point to view stock market dynamics and to challenge the continued reliance on old ideas relating to it ... companies. 6. ECMH assumes that the stock market is competitive, information is freely accessible, investors act rationally, the

Abstract. In this paper, we raise the following two questions: (1) do Belgian hold- ing companies operate an internal capital market to transfer financial resources in between their subsidiaries? And if yes, (2) is the internal capital market efficie

are in the private sector. Mutual funds were opened to the private sector in 1992. Earlier, in 1987, banks were allowed to enter this business, breaking the monopoly of the Unit Trust of India (UTI), which maintains a dominant position. Before 1992,

than for insurers operating in developed countries. (JEL G34, G32, G22). Key words: Diversification, Focus, Organizational Structure, Internal Capital Markets,. Firm Performance, International Insurance Markets. Capital Market Development, Competitio

Email: [email protected] Acknowledge- ments: I thank my ... for his comments and encouragement and for the aircraft dataset, to Jesse Edgerton for sharing his construction equipment price index and to .... shocks, unproductive firms hold on to

01854. Lee can be reached at 978-934-2520 and [email protected], and Zhang can be ..... policy experiments, and the interaction between the two dummies.

Financial Reporting Standards (MFRS 138) “Intangible Assets” exclude the reporting for those intellectual capital assets in the financial statement of Malaysian companies. Hence, it is expected that .... our global model using the analysis in pri

The paper analyzes the impacts of cash flow from multiple investments in real and financial sectors on the new fixed invest- ment spending of real sector firms. ... problem faced by real sector firms between irreversible fixed and reversible financia

May 1, 2015 - Any activity reported on Form 1040 (Schedule C) meets the definition of a business for purposes of this survey; 1065, "U.S. Partnership Return.

open market operations (or by signalling that it is prepared to do both). Implicitly, then, central banks use one type of liquidity to affect the other. Moreover, there is empirical evidence that the strategy works.1 The question is: why? What does t

Workers with high home hours are less attached to market work. ... If firms believe that labor market attachment is the same across genders, .... Laschever (2003): “Women report salary expectations between 3 and 32 ... Households are made up of two