The speaker behind the voice: therapeutic practice

Jun 11, 2015 - Even the well-known PSYRATS scale, which in many respects is in keeping with our approach, describes AVHs as: An auditory perception th...

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Jan 25, 2018 - be they with negative and distressing voices or other people. Consequently, within RT the patient is taught how to articulate their view in an ...

Nov 2, 2016 - The system is based on the state-of-the-art i-vector/PLDA which is developed on ... compatibility of i-vectors with machine learning techniques.

Gang Chen ∗1 ... 1 [email protected], 2 [email protected] .... word vocabulary of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) task.

20 mA. Digital Photometer, Spex DPC-2. The Spex SPAD converts PMT signal pulses to well defined, shaped, discriminated pulSeS for further signal processing ...

One of the characteristics of poetry is its freedom of interpretation, which can .... warm [/synthesis:pitch] languor of the tar, at midnight [synthesis:pitch level=.

outsmart each other. Automatic ... a transformation of the speaker's voice that meets two ... authors studied the de-identification of face images and in [9], the.

Mar 5, 2007 - IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOL.7 No.3, March 2007. 201. Manuscript ... decryption process on the caller and the calle sides, regardless of the cryptographic algorithm used by the local network

of speaker verification systems, joint factor analysis (Kenny et al. 2007) and the total ..... based on our proposed GMM-MAP-VAD front-end, outper- forms those of ...

transforming our knowledge of Bronze Age Mesopotamian civilisation and ... hallmark works of art and architecture known from this period (Frankfort et al. 1932 ... introduces the physical landscape of the study area, presents an overview of our.

May 1, 2015 - Also the test segments lexical content do not match between imperson- ator's samples and target ones. Same text: The training and test utterances do not match in content, but the test segments for each target speaker, genuine and impost

[email protected] Abstract. In speaker-adaptive HMM-based speech synthesis, there are typically a few speakers for which the output synthetic speech.

Jail and prison administrators often struggle to treat and protect the mentally ill, judges grapple with limited sentencing alternatives for PSMI who fall outside of ... report the findings of major studies of MHC rather than to perform a meta-analys

have conducted on our proper database containing 37 Arabic speaker in order to ... 1. INTRODUCTION. A speaker recognition system (SRS), performing either.

book corpora means that the proposed method may be used as a valuable ..... 710, 2002. [24] T. Hacki, “Klassifizierung von glottisdysfunktionen mit hilfe.

e-mail : [email protected] 1. This research project was financed by ESPRIT/BRA (VeriVox) during the ... http://www.isca ...

[17] show how to reveal speaker identities from encrypted VoIP traffic. They exploit ... For completeness, we briefly mention other known security issues in mobile and VoIP scenarios. ..... // ... Org

Gender, age, accent and emotion are some of speaker characteristics being investigated in ... EBO-DB, and FAU AIBO are used to evaluate those methods. ... boundary to move to overlapping regions to reduce empirical errors. 4. ...... but in a short in

In this paper, we investigate the proprieties of automatic speaker identification (ASI) to ..... [20] Lotfi Salhi, Talbi Mourad and Adnene Cherif, “ Voice Disorders ...

used to generate spoofing materials (e.g., speech synthesis and voice conversion ..... ness of local binary patterns in face anti-spoofing,” in Bio- metrics Special ...

Figure 4-5: Continuous Recognition for Each user over 30 seconds. .... is spoken. Text-Independent Speaker Recognition requires no such ... Modern day methods of NLP get rid of ..... density functions (PDF) and linear pattern classifiers (LPC) have b


Sep 22, 2015 - of all, the computational cost derived of using a one-sample shift sliding window .... ent databases which include recordings registered under differ- ent noise ..... eters into the best GDC, as is the one providing more accurate.

Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Jadavpur University, ... in criminal investigation, where the subjects may not ... Kolkata 700 068.

independent, biometric, Speaker Recognition based security system. Such a bio-metric model can be used to identify a person based ... features of a person‟s speech and Vector Quantization has ... Fig 1: Feature Extraction using MFCC. 3.