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purely intentional correlates of word- and sentence-meanings, and the ..... "Every man must die."' Here Zosima's judgment is an apparent judg- ment in...

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what it is that makes truth bearers true; discussion of the concept of ... He observes, for example, that no one has adequately explained to him what “the philosophical problem of truth” is, and that he does not understand what it is to offer the

to an explicitly mentioned sentence can always be replaced by the use of that same sentence. It has, however ... about Whitewater was true, even if she had no idea what he had said. Since we do not know what Russell ... sentence is what allows us to

Binary logistic regression revealed that response to the test question (''Did Jacob lie/tell the truth?'') was not sig- nificantly predicted by participant gender, participant age, or Probe (see Table 1). By contrast, Intent was very strongly predict

Mar 9, 2017 - portable 3kg cylinders to better suit their needs. .... Given the price of cookstoves/LPG (and wage disparities) men will likely help finance the ...

Despite many truths being established, the whole truth about ... conducted in a world where language, concepts and well-formed disciplinary rules already exist. ... Three limitations to this method should ...... postdisciplinary-studies.pdf>. Scott .

then the connection between the truth conditions for the statements of number ... leaves us with a biconditional connecting the two candidate reductive identity ...

CR is an answer to a simple question: what are we aware of in perception? Sup- ... radically revisionist about the phenomenology of perception. Intuitively, we di ...

Jan 1, 2003 - subjectivity, from commitment to the rule of law toward embracing ... easily slides into excessive subjectivity, to an exaltation of particularist.

Since hearing protection devices (HPDs) are worn primarily for the purpose of noise reduction it is not surprising that hearing conservationists place great sig- nificance upon the sound attenuation that such devices can provide. Not only is attenuat

[email protected] * Keynote at the International ... grounds;. ○ 4) apply this research to design ... Page 15 ... Sensing: concrete, practical, oriented ... suffers from this same issue”. (Svinicki .... structure (e.g., sto

continuous popularization of Nightingale's image in ar- tistic productions has also made a .... The lluth, according to Strachey, was that "a Demon possessed her.

in the Red Book itself.) I should say the same about a first-person historical novel written in English in which the narrator is an ancient Greek. The author does not pretend to be the truthful narrator himself, but rather pretends to be someone of o

and homophones have the same format (Klein & Murphy, 2001; Lehrer, 1990). ... are specified in a single, complex (generative) lexical entry (Pustejovsky, 1995) ...

Abstract In matters of personal taste, faultless disagreement occurs between peo- ... on whom you ask whether bittersweet chocolate is tasty—so goes their ... If the above were true for any choice of σ, then Amelie's utterance would either be ...

macy is important, on this account, because it embodies the value of equality and respecting equality trumps our political disagreements. This is not, however, the approach I want to pursue. I believe that agreement on substantive values is implausib

Abstract. We investigate the properties of Yablo sentences and for- ..... KF +Compl (or FS, for that matter) there is no uniform answer to the question. “assuming ...

Truth-value status and the emergence of truth-value gaps. Based on his notion of style of reasoning, Ian Hacking suggests that we switch our attention from the notion of truth to the notion of truth-or-falsity in the discussion of incommensurability

Hymn of the Pearl" (Miłosz qtd. in Gorczyńska, Podróżny Świata 55; unless indicated otherwise, all translations are mine). Therefore, it is no surprise that typological approach, represented by Hans Jonas or Gilles Quispel, was shared by Miłosz

Contemporary Vietnamese fiction describes war from the view of “feminine disposition”, realizes women's beauty during and after war and condemns the brutal.

fictional character who, for every novel, either appears in that novel or is a model for a character who does''. Third ... capable of picking the best part of each of the three mainstream theories, while at the same .... 7 As an anonymous referee has

Feb 1, 2016 - Schopenhauer, 1999)— although there is considerable debate about this in compar- ative psychology. Existing discussions of episodic ...

nurse teachers. Semi-structured and unstructured interviews. Hermeneutic-dialectic metho d. To identify the ethica l image of nu rsing. Five distinctive perspectives of an ethica l nurse em erged as follow s: goo d n u rses fulfil their duties correc

interdependent with software maintenance – such as the software users (the ... ensuring that the offshore personnel know how to execute the process.

Jun 2, 2011 - appreciation of Chinua Achebe's fiction, mainly, his political novel about militarism, .... There is no gainsaying the fact that African oral art and literature are typified by absence of auctorial omniscience, communal participation/ow