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Binary logistic regression revealed that response to the test question (''Did Jacob lie/tell the truth?'') was not sig- nificantly predicted by participant gender, participant age, or Probe (see Table 1). By contrast, Intent was very strongly predict

Since hearing protection devices (HPDs) are worn primarily for the purpose of noise reduction it is not surprising that hearing conservationists place great sig- nificance upon the sound attenuation that such devices can provide. Not only is attenuat

purely intentional correlates of word- and sentence-meanings, and the ..... "Every man must die."' Here Zosima's judgment is an apparent judg- ment in the first of our three senses here distinguished. It makes a claim to truth, is true, sincerely int

nurse teachers. Semi-structured and unstructured interviews. Hermeneutic-dialectic metho d. To identify the ethica l image of nu rsing. Five distinctive perspectives of an ethica l nurse em erged as follow s: goo d n u rses fulfil their duties correc

of wage and benefit reductions on the quality and delivery of services as well as the possible ripple ... for issues such as discrimination and the uniqueness of some public sector jobs: The average wages and earnings of local governments' employees

what it is that makes truth bearers true; discussion of the concept of ... He observes, for example, that no one has adequately explained to him what “the philosophical problem of truth” is, and that he does not understand what it is to offer the

Sep 5, 2016 - The study from Regensburg University Hospital in Germany on ten patients with ... Bein, Christian Woertgen, Anton Frey, Irmgard Frey, Kai Taeger, and Alexander Brawanski. 1996. Moderate ...... flow to the brain) in December 2013 by thre

An Inconvenient Truth. Melina Gattellari, PhD; John Worthington, MBBS; Nicholas Zwar, PhD. See related article, pages 235–240. In 1989, the Copenhagen AFASAK study1 reported results from the first randomized, placebo-controlled trial evalu- ating a

The Inconvenient Truth about Web Certificates. 3. HTTPS' current deployment and evaluate the security it provides. In particular, it is crucial to investigate deployment practices of certificate-based authentication. We seek answers to the following

secure press coverage will nurse-midwifery emerge on the public agendas of com- munities throughout the nation lind elicit a broad-based ..... in Hyden, KY, the infant mortality rate is "one of the lowest in the country." The San Clemente, CA Sun ...

Cerebral Cortex January 2010;20:205--213 doi:10.1093/cercor/bhp090. Advance Access publication May 14, 2009. The Truth about Lying: Inhibition of the. Anterior Prefrontal Cortex Improves. Deceptive Behavior. Ahmed A. Karim1,2, Markus Schneider1,2, Ma

Aug 2, 2009 - It's the single most famous story of scientific discovery: in 1666, Isaac Newton was walking in his garden outside. Cambridge, England - he was avoiding the city because of the plague - when he saw an apple fall from a tree. The fruit f

Book Review. Catherine L. Morgan. Through The Labyrinth: The Truth About How Women Become Leaders,. Alice H. Eagly and Linda L. Carli, Boston, MA. 2007. ... ress include the bias that men, and not women, are natural leaders (Chapter ... they develope

internal allocations since in many business units as much as 60% of expenses come from other departments. ... spending (usually R&D and investment spending) was cut to ensure that net income targets were met. ...... The newly appointed CEO of a large

Jun 28, 2005 - Alongside the truth questions, however, this paper considers questions of another sort, concerning the ..... To see what this denial might come to, it is helpful to have the example of a distinction ..... meeting of the red-haired leag

epistemic theories versus one another. The alleged conflict between the ... The idea that the correspondence theory is another one of the rival theories of truth is mistaken. For that to be true, it would be .... for every true proposition there exis

Standards for cell phones based on outdated assumptions. •. 1997 typical user was military, medical, or business. •. Employs the head of a 220 lb male at the top 98% of military recruits in 1989. •. Designed to avoid heating after 6 minute call

1 In its October 9, 2009 letter to Senator Orin Hatch on medical malpractice issues, CBO notes, “The system has twin objectives: deterring ... 6 .... both claim either liens o

petitive for these highly flexible categories as well. The key insight is that for many objects color and texture are fairly uniform across the entire body, or vary in a manner that can be learnt; and also that many objects have a distinctive part th

Oct 28, 2015 - Diffusion in Liquids. There is a common belief that diffusion in all sorts of materials, including gases, liquids and solids, is described by random walks and ... particles (e.g., fluorescently-labeled molecules in a FRAP experiment).

Sep 28, 2009 - however is to just re-sample the component scores: draw a random value from the first column of Y, then a random value from ... Figure 1: Eigenvalue rank vs. magntidue for the principal components of the. NCI gene-expression ..... Ston

Aug 1, 2008 - Page 2. Some of the details of the ESA study are also revealing. For instance, 35% of parents play video games;. 47% of gamer parents are women. Among gamer parents .... with an interest in single-player adventure games, but part of its

alternative farming practices used in a given organic system (zero tillage, crop diversification, closed nutrient cycling, local ...... The organic market isn't .... legislation is to take the principles

the literature on what has been referred to as pathological lying, highlighting the lack of information available about ... of respondents admitted to engaging in at least 1 of. 10 types of behavior defined as fabrication, falsifica- tion, or plagiar