Towards event-based traceability in provenance-aware supply chains

One of the most important challenges in logistics and supply chains is informa- ... the various stakeholders, is crucial to enable efficient managemen...

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a supply chain traceability model that relies on a Web service-based architecture to ensure interoperabil- ity. ... figure shows units of Production (Milk Producer 1 and Dairy 1) ..... tional Conference on E-Commerce Technology Work- shops ...

Jun 5, 2014 - has been proposed that utilises EPCglobal's EPCIS specification for capturing events in the supply chain and generating traceability datasets ...

62/45012. ISO 9001:2000 on quality. Any chain participant. 62/45012. ISO 14001 on environmental issues. Any chain participant. 62/45012. OHSAS 18001 on occupational health and safety. Any chain participant. 62/45012. HALAL (Islamic). Chain. 62/45012.

2 ..... ?y1 ?epc1. FILTER( .... events in Rcom, Ragg, Rshp respectively. 17.

Here we discuss the economic implications of traceability in the beef industry, focusing on four ... traceability systems being implemented in the seven largest beef producing and ..... The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) using electr

verify food quality attributes are driving the development of traceability initiatives in agri-food systems. Numerous ... particularly in meat and livestock industries. ... improved farm management practices and market feedback information through ..

Sep 10, 2014 - Increased demand for organic, fair trade and environmentally friendly products and ... needs. Traceability is already providing impact, but there is more to do. ... (and the UN Global Compact) to encourage or start one. 5.

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information logistics to data supply in enterprise architecture management. ... organization in accordance with its strategic vision [Ra11], yet its value ... SCM as follows1: "Supply Chain Management encompasses the planning ... 1 See http://cscmp.o

Keywords: Responsibility, Sustainability, Supply Chain Management, Governance, ... the company structure and operations and who shared his time with me and ...... Global commodity chains: genealogy and review. In Jennifer Bair (ed.) Frontiers of comm

systematic software development process with accurate specification and verifiable quality ... of this paper is to define the extension of the traceability meta-model without violating any of its statements. ... sible to follow the strict traceabilit

Feb 1, 2010 - Department of Industrial Engineering, Seoul National University. Republic of Korea. 1. ... Source: Sustainable Radio Frequency Identification Solutions, Book edited by: Cristina Turcu,. ISBN 978-953-7619-74-9, pp. ... every batch transf

Feb 26, 2009 - [email protected] In this study, we seek to better understand the value of information technology (IT) in supply chain contexts. Grounded in the resource-based theory in conjunction with transaction cost economics, we develop a con- ...

Dec 10, 2010 - warned them that it would soon scrap around $2.5 billion of surplus raw materials--one ... billion, almost half as much as its sales in the quarter?Missing:

more appropriate measure for amplification effects in service supply chains than .... The previous section clearly showed that amplification effects can have a .... These data included sales rates .... orders, and 1-2 days for fall-out orders. .....

that these observations have been made at uniform intervals; for example, once ... uniform intervals; for example, once a day, once a week, once a month, etc. .... Forecasting Data with a Trend: Double-Exponential Smoothing (Holt's ... It can be show

First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor Professor David Simchi-Levi, who has been not just a thesis supervisor but also a cordial friend and a ...

Mar 14, 2002 - or call options, that allow the retailer to purchase additional goods at a ..... (10) g∗1. = Сf − £. 2δ. − ж0. 2δ f − Т∗1. (11) if ж0 Б `0 − £ f − Сr r.

(Bustillo 2012), Nike's vice president of sustainable business explicitly mentioned the ... a third-party labor auditor and investing to improve wages and working .... buyer into a finished good, or a brand like Nike with no manufacturing capability.

In recent years, traceability aspects have become recognised as an essential tool for guaranteeing ..... US President, introduces a system of preventive controls, in- spections and ... for Quality Management Systems, a number of standards concerning

Worldwide, supply chains and markets for food fit for human consumption recently ... minimize the risk-to-profit for their own corporation and for their supply chain partners. .... (2002) case study research approaches facilitate understanding of.

(rebar) in the Turkish construction industry. The supply chains were assessed by the value stream mapping method and were investigated through visits to firms ...

supply chain management trends, challenges and potentials for logistics optimization were ... active identification of risks and the development of dyadic business relationships. ... There are new challenges companies have to face, such as the sustai

research investigates the global growth and governance of forced labour in retail ... some of the world's biggest retailers, including Walmart, Tesco, Costco, Aldi, and ...... Ernst & Young also all have accredited groups that conduct sustainability