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Tuberculous Pericarditis-Treatment with. Para-aminosalicylic Acid and Intermittent. Streptomycin. Report of a Case. WILLIAM WEISS, M.D., and EMIL BOGE...

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Several workers have shown dominance of the wild-type, streptomycin-sen- sitive allele (str A+), over resistant ones (LEDERBERG 1951; APIRION and.

t the usual clinical symptoms associated with the disease, we find ... generally by an extensive mottling over both ... is something similar to miliary tuberculosis or.

knowledge implicates the ribosome, but most of the mechanistic details are un- ... bacteria of the various SM-genotypes, reforming 70S ribosomes with one or ...

Antibacterial Activity of Lincomycin and Pristinamycin: A Comparison with Erythromycin. MARY BARBER,* M.D.; PAMELA M. WATERWORTH,*t F.I.M.L.T..

in what may be described as Saidapet proper and outlying areas. Saidapet proper ... servants, potters, dyers, weavers, trade and ... previously been tested in 1938-39. Experience ... be negative. The tests were given by one medical officer and.

often visible to the naked eye. ... usually contains no organisms but tuber0 ... 12 per cent of large cavities in the living. ... *?reen a small quantity of residual pus is often seen shaking at the bottom of cavities and is of gnostic value. The air

May 2, 1987 - deformity"5; another that, "Spinal cord compression does not occur ... examination he had a lower thoracic gibbus and signs of spinal cord.

bacilli into the pleural cavity of the dog exhibits the same anti- enzymotic ... (human), was passed through a miniature sausage machine and, suspended in.

Incontinentia pigmenti. 1. Hydrocephaly. ...... ...... ...... 18 ... Forty-seven bedridden patients were seen of whom twenty-nine were male and eighteen were female.

administration of acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC). .... Anergy is a clinical condition of depressed immune function ... depression of immune response in TBC patients and.

(Submitted for publication June 28, 1957; accepted July 25, 1957). Patients with Cushing's syndrome due to bi- lateral adrenal cortical hyperplasia have been re ...

Dec 20, 1975 - D A WARRELL, L D ORMEROD, N McD DAVIDSON. British Medical Journal, 1975, 4, 697-700. Summary. Ten patients bitten by the puff-adder ...

Build and blood pressurc studsv, 1959. Chicago: Society otf ... company study. .7 Chronic Dis 1975;28:109-23. 8 Gordon T, Doyle ... 22 Andres R, Elahi D, Tobin JD, Mluller DC, Brant L. Impact of age on weight goals. ... was visited twice at home and ... genic Gram negative bacteria.1 The impact of streptomycin ... 5 H. C. Hinshaw, 'Historical Notes on Earliest Use of Streptomycin in Clinical Tuberculosis', ... 6 S. A. Waksman, 'Strept

Abstract. Constrictive pericarditis is a rare and severe disease. A 37-year-old patient was admitted in the hospital for dyspnea, precordial pain, right- sided cardiac failure. Chest X-ray showed cardiac enlargement and an opacity suggestive for pleu

between the uptake of [3H]dihydrostreptomycin and resistance. The Sm-inacti- ... phosphorylation by streptomycin-6-kinase is a major factor in resistance in S.

Jul 8, 1985 - biosynthesis or streptomycin resistance or both was self-cloned in ... to encode streptomycin 6-phosphotransferase, a streptomycin resistance.

The time course experiments shown ..... (8), thus supporting the classical assumption of a common .... sequence of the malignant transformation and/or deregulated activities ... Hahn, W.C., E. Menu, A.L.M. Bothwell, P.J. Sims, and B.E.. Bierer.

per cent solution of choline chloride (Merck), 20 ml. intravenously for 16 successive days. The doses were ... sensitize him by means of procedures recommendedin the literature met with failure (5, 6). At this time also, ... sermann, Kahn, and Rytz t

Jun 14, 1986 - I T BOYLE, nRcp, reader in medicine. Correspondence to: Dr Ralston. .... regulation of serum calcium. Cakif Tissw Iwi 1982;34:321-7.

case was based on the history of orchi- tis, discospondylitis .... Protein. Sp gr. Cytology. Bacteria. Bacteria in catheterized sample. Crystals. Erythrocytes.

coma but still had mental confusion and hypersomnia. No further improvement occurred for the next four days, the serum bilirubin remaining at 4.25 mg./100 ml.

probable that vitellinic acid is a purer substance than haematogen since these ... 1 g. of lecitho-vitellin was boiled with absolute alcohol for 24 hours in an .... precipitated from acid solution by a saturated solution of normal lead acetate. ... B

Dec 12, 1970 - In the children studied by Conway and Birt (1965) very large doses of streptomycin given to the mother some- times produced abnormalities in ...