Uncertainty in indirect answers

vides (Allen and Perrault, 1980). (7) [sw 0001 4325]. A: Do you have kids? B: I have three. While logical relations between the content of the questio...

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model the interpretation of indirect speech acts. Classical logical inference, how- ever, is unable to ... and Perrault (1980) study indirect speech acts, ..... We have provided an empirical analysis and ini- ... Ph.D. thesis, University of Amsterdam

interpreting and generating indirect answers to yes-no questions in English (Green ...... to perform indirect speech acts, have the property that one or both of the ...

Diller, 1989] Anne-Marie Diller. La pragmatique ... Hinkelman, 1989] Elizabeth Ann Hinkelman. Linguistic and ... Perrault and Allen, 1980] R. Per- rault and J.

of just (ld) is intended to convey a No, i.e., that R is not going shopping tonight. ... My car's not running. e. The timing belt is broken. According to one study of spoken English [Ste84],. 13 percent of responses to Yes-No questions were in- direc

Computer scientists have long pursued the goal of developing computational ..... These decision graphs, representing the conditional probability ... the accuracy of answers for the conjunctional rewrites, a variable representing the statistical ...

Aug 29, 2018 - With regard to the web, we profit from the StartPage9 search engine for finding documents ... 9www.startpage.com ...... The Stanford CoreNLP.

We present research on methods for generating answers to freely posed questions, based upon information ... Question answering, Bayesian networks, information retrieval, cost-benefit analysis, decision theory ... little understanding of the value of

Dec 2, 1999 - multiply-redundant bit-serial processing elements using a variety of fault-tolerant strategies;. • memory cells; ... over long distances. The ultimate limit is the speed of light, but a much more .... term 'very large' used to mean an

tics course (Stat 2000) for students in its International. Program in ... the multiple–choice questions and 84.4% of text–based ..... Ap- parently, a large number of students have simply changed an incorrect answer to another incorrect one (0, 0)

Nov 4, 2005 - ing unbiased estimates of the uncertainty in indirect aerosol forcing ..... MAX MA. Aerosol mass concentration: maximum values from the IPCC model inter- .... NH land. SH land. NH ocean. SH ocean. -20. 0. 20. 40. 60. 80. 100.

A major concern of researchers who seek to improve human-computer communication involves how to move beyond literal interpretations of queries to a level of ...

Reduce R-well by making low resistance contact to GND well by making low resistance contact to GND. 10 ... (a) Electrical charge is considered as fluid, which can move from one place to another depending on the difference in their level, of ..... Ans

Sep 15, 2017 - systems → Answer ranking; •Human-centered computing → Web-based interaction; Computer supported cooperative .... community questions and answers websites for more literature on these topics. .... Cluster cohesion, represented by

parotid or lacrimal gland duct, which was confirmed by the transport of saliva and ... Q6: How much fluid is secreted by the bioengineered salivary and lacrimal ...

Download and Read Arthritis Answers ... forms mcgraw hill series in modern structures issa final exam essay answers study island answer key for 10th grade.

Mar 25, 2009 - A student sets up a savings plan to transfer money from his checking account to his savings account. The first week $10 .... ANSWERS. 9-2 Practice. Form K. Arithmetic Sequences. Determine whether each sequence is arithmetic. If so, ide

rather than gravity are responsible for much of the structure of the universe. ... This book appears to be the most concise treatment of plasma astronomy in print, so ..... composition and density of the venereal atmosphere. ..... component cannot be

as not alluding to real problems or providing untrue informa- tion. .... 4), advice or opinion seeking (e.g., “How do I persuade my parents to let me use Facebook?”) or simply a conversation need over a topic they care about (e.g., “Why do peop

Aug 7, 2011 - human-mediated Q&A service that answers questions in 32 different scientific ... which is the heart of our new social collaborative argumen-.

follows: 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy (sunlight)→C6H12O6 + 6O2. This equation shows a simplified relationship between plants and the atmosphere. During daylight.

as employing Service Level Agreement between the customer (end user) and ... argue that such agreement has inherent uncertainty in the form of customer's ...

We finish this chapter with a discussion of homoscedastic versus heteroscedastic aleatoric uncertainty. Homoscedastic regression assumes identical ...

May 7, 2013 - such as CE-QUAL-ICM [1, 2], EUTRO5 [3–5], BLOOM [6–. 10], CAEDYM ...... [6] Delft Hydraulics, Technical Reference Manual Delft3D-WAQ,. WL, Delft ... [12] D. Trolle, H. Skovgaard, and E. Jeppesen, “The water framework.

This 4 years period of study has been a long journey with many trials and tribulations. There have been ups and downs, roadblocks, and dead ends. But at the same time, I have also gained various skills and knowledge during this period. All these are