VLF wave generation via modulated

May 25, 2012 - waves have been generated via heating of the lower ionosphere. (50–100 km altitude) with High Frequency (HF, 3–10 MHz) radio waves...

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heating. The resulting variation in electron temperature is used to calculate the full time evolution of the so‐called. Hall, Pedersen, and Parallel conductivities, from which the amplitudes and phases of conductivity modulation at the modulation f

compare amplitude modulation, geometric modulation, and a previously proposed technique ... Due to the temperature‐dependent conductivity of the lower.

ELF/VLF waves have been generated via steerable HF heating of the lower ionosphere. The temperature‐dependent conductivity of the lower ionospheric plasma enables HF heating (and subsequent recovery) to modulate natural current systems such as the

Jun 20, 2013 - when heating is modulated at ELF/VLF frequencies. We present a summary ... free space wavelengths (10–1000 km) are so much longer ... 1School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of ... are known to generate iono

molecular beam studies. Initially, the phase modulation (PM) technique was demonstrated in a WPI experiment of atomic Rb vapor using fluorescence detection (PM-WPI).27 In the current work, we combine this PM-WPI scheme with mass-resolved photoion det

Apr 17, 2017 - gate it in terms of fibre lengths, fibre dispersion, laser frequency ... ing a MUSE-type spectrograph, we evaluate the comb performance for ...

Bessel-Gauss mode by a non-collinear, spatially-multimode four-wave mixing process in warm atomic vapor. In addition to the mode conversion, a second, ...

Aug 27, 2012 - INTRODUCTION. Increasing demand for high quality and defect free products motivated ... dependence on thermal conductivity of materials made it potentially ..... Carslaw, H. S. and J. C. Jaeger, Conduction of Heat in Solids,.

Jul 20, 2006 - ю 81 3 5449 5330; Fax: ю 81 3 5449 5451;. E-mail: ...... Makers and antibodies used are as follows: 4,6-diamidino-2- phenylindole (DAPI), a .... mediated by Gfi-1B zinc finger protein: its implication in normal hematopoiesis.

practice. Our framework for question gen- eration composes general-purpose rules to transform declarative sentences into ques- tions, is modular in that existing NLP tools can be leveraged ..... noun copula app, where copula is in the past tense and

plot out.m - a Matlab script file that will load and plot the output of a numerical simulation. ... the program, the user follow along with this manual while running the ..... Page 11 ... Reason: ”nx” is an integer that sets the maximum number of

number of gaps [see Fig. 4(a) inset]. Also the gap's size affects .... of the relations between lossless and lossy cases,” Opt. Express 18, 12213–12225. (2010). 28.

Dec 23, 2015 - Prototype generation (PG) methods aim to find a subset of instances taken from a large training data set, in such a way that classification performance (commonly, using a 1NN classifier) when using prototypes is equal or better than th

(FWM) in an injection-locked semiconductor laser. The probe ... a submillimeter wave frequency of 300 GHz and a probe power equal to the pump power, typical ...

Examples of references concerned with the lightning source characteristics and statistics are Malan ..... (1985a) at Kiruna and Lycksele, in Sweden, 205 and 554 km from the transmitter, respectively. They computed the ... HF active Auroral Research P

1.5. Related modulation equations. 12. 1.6. References to related works. 13. Chapter 2. The Burgers equation. 15. 2.1. Decay estimates. 15. 2.2. Fronts in the Burgers equation. 17. Chapter 3. The complex cubic Ginzburg–Landau equation. 19. 3.1. Set

intermediate microstrip line between the coplanar strip and a feeding coaxial line. ..... calculation, the GaAs region is horizontally divided into three planar .... Actually, this structure is an inverted coupled microstrip line in which the air reg

Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave (FMCW) Radar has traditionally been used in short range applications. Conventional FMCW radar requires the use of ...

Jan 22, 2018 - Continuous Wave Through-Wall Radar Imaging ... systems using FMCW were developed for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) which has many.

Abstract—High-Frequency (HF) radars are operated in the. 3-30 MHz frequency ... for HF radar range resolution and their compatibility with other users of the HF .... signals from world-wide radio transmitters, which pop up due to ionospheric ...

Nov 8, 2017 - ν2. • Amplitudes cout/in are smooth. • Motivated by Filon quadrature. • Handle oscillatory part analytically. • Quadrature with smooth amplitudes.

that energetic turbulence and associated internal wave activ- ity is most significant over ...... A. McFarlane, “The effect of orographically excited gravity wave drag.

Abstract. In this paper we describe an efficient CORDIC algorithm that completely eliminates the scaling factor. Besides we have proposed an algorithm to ...

Abstract: A numerical second-generation sea wave model (SG) is presented ... Portanto o modelo SG pode ser aplicado em estudos de casos e experimentos.