welfare consequences of volatile tax revenue

costs from volatility and deadweight loss, but this paper shows that, of these ... a Taylor expansion of the difference between expected utility funct...

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easier to cope with the revenue effects of trade liberalization. JEL classification: ... developing countries)—but implementation of the inland part rests on methods of ...... Malaysia. Bolivia. Panama. Chile. Paraguay. Colombia. Peru. Costa Rica.

Dec 19, 2016 - demand for those goods (i.e. it imposes no “income effects”). It also places .... a preference shifter, which linearly shifts the coefficient on price. We show, in our ... as tax pass-through, average price elasticities and aggrega

differentiated product oligopoly. Rachel Griffith, Lars Nesheim and Martin O'Connell⇤. June 4, 2015. Abstract. Random utility models are widely used to study consumer choice. The vast ma- jority of applications make strong assumptions about the mar

May 17, 2013 - effect of each of the six tax base variables in the six relative tax share equations of our system remains largely an empirical question.9. Next, we augment the model by including several variables that condition the relationships betw

of the increase in tax revenues, differences in economic uncertainty explain up to ... ∗Department of Finance, University of Utah. [email protected] ...... The statistic of interest is εB,τi = εbasei,τi /εRi,τi which equals (π

Chapter. Pages. 1. Functions of the Tax Policy Unit. 1. 1.1 Monitoring of Revenue Collection. 1.2 Evaluation of Economic, Structural and Revenue Aspects of Tax Policy. 1.3 Tax Expenditure Analysis ..... Firms allocate gross receipts to cover business

sources of Nigeria's Federal revenues and the non-buoyancy of the total tax revenue is a complete revelation of the ... system. Keywords: Tax Incentives, Revenue Productivity, Tax Buoyancy, Tax Elasticity and Nigerian. Economy .... Similarly, Preside

Author's email: [email protected] Inclusion of the Corporate Income Tax Revenue into the. Municipal Budget: Needs, Risks, and Solutions. Biruta PÅ«le*. Department of ... Key words: Corporate income tax, municipal government budget, tax incentives, b

Adoption of inflation targeting and tax revenue performance in emerging market economies: An empirical investigation. Yannick Lucotte *. Laboratoire d'Economie d'Orléans (LEO) – Université d'Orle´ans, UMR CNRS 6221, Faculte´ de Droit d'Economie

Nov 19, 2013 - Tax and Welfare Reform. Richard Blundell. University College London and Institute for Fiscal Studies. Slide Presentation. Quo Vadis Europe.

Apr 14, 1998 - specific combination of factors including the advice of external experts and ... old turnover tax system by a modern, single-rate value added tax,.

May 17, 2013 - formally in [11, 12, 17]. References. [1] Saeed Alaei. Bayesian Combinatorial Auctions: Ex- panding Single Buyer Mechanisms to Many Buyers.

Oct 17, 2012 - utility customers derive from that industry's activity but also the potential opportunity for sellers .... finds that air-travel demand was 8% more price sensitive and ...... In doing so, we will estimate an aggregate price elasticity

However, these enzymes did not increase the release of (E)-hex-2-enal. Bovine ...... eno l 27. 0. 2 .7. 3. 128. 3.51. ±. 106 .76. 0.00. 5. 1. 7. 3. 5 .68 ±. 34. 7.67.

2 Previous papers which have examined revenue aspects of the UK corporation tax include Young (1992), Basu et al. (2003), Metz and Weale. (2003), and Devereux et al. (2004). The first three papers generally focus on forecasting models or methods, and

iting increases in assessments, and giving state gov- ... growth in low-paying retail jobs at the expense of ... California's system for allocating property taxes.

Abstract: To investigate the role of governance and economic growth at the provincial level, this study conducted the ... Vietnam is one of the world's developing countries. .... population in each province). ... Taxrev (Total tax revenue) (billion V

consumers, gross receipts taxes tax all transac- tions, including intermediate business-to-busi- .... Effective January 1, 2007: General gross receipts tax. Rate is 1 percent, calculated on the minimum of ..... Gross Receipts Taxes Be Made Transparen

The tax and welfare programs that provide income and in-kind benefits to single mothers have changed ... 1 See National Research Council (1999) and Jencks and Swingle (2000) for related arguments. 2 ..... address concerns about the lumpy nature of ex

Nov 15, 2015 - OrganJet: overcoming geographical disparities in access to deceased donor kidneys in the United States. Working paper. Bruzzone, P. 2008.

The process of empirical demand elasticity and marginal cost es- timation ... be reduced if consumers value characteristics of products that are made .... with their offerings, as pairs of jointly-owned local stations are more likely to be in ..... s

the government selects a balanced-budget fiscal policy (consisting of tax rates and the level of public ..... congestable and free of specific user charges. ...... Rogerson, Richard. (1988). "Indivisible Labor, Lotteries, and Equilibrium," Journal of

welfare and the stability of the steady state in a dynamic general-equilibrium .... equilibrium cannot be characterized by a stable set of stationary policy rules. This.

ularly in cases where the merging parties offered relatively similar products prior ... Department of Economics, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721. E–mail:.